December 2023

Best Places to Live in Madagascar

Madagascar, a land of rich biodiversity, captivates not only with its natural wonders but also with the diverse charm of its cities. In this guide, we delve beyond the real estate realm to paint a vivid picture of what it’s truly like to live in the most enchanting cities of this island nation. From the pulse of Antananarivo to the serene shores of Nosy Be, each city offers a unique variety of...

Image showing a magnifying glass zooming in on Madagascar

What You Need to Know Before You Move to Madagascar

Thinking about making the move to Madagascar? Maybe you wanna settle in Madagascar permanently, you maybe you just want to visit the island for a vacation. Whatever the case may be, this article will answer everything you must know about Madagascar! Madagascar, an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean about 400 kilometers east of Africa, boasts a vast expanse covering 592,000 square kilometers....

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Madagascar?

Many foreigners are drawn to Madagascar due to the astonishing beauty of its landscapes, the remarkable friendliness of its people and the uniqueness of its wildlife. The peaceful and laid back vibes of Madagascar make the island an alluring destination for foreigners, not only for a short holiday trip, but even as a place to settle down permanently or have a vacation home.  This leads many foreign...

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