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If you want to live, invest or do business in Madagascar, you have come to the right place. Our experts have decades of experience doing business in Madagascar and sourcing the best investment opportunities.

Here at Madagascar Invest, we help our clients achieve the following goals:

  • Buying property in Madagascar
  • Setting up a company in Madagascar
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • And much more

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Houses for sale in Madagascar

Buy a property in Madagascar

From majestic urban mansions to cozy coastal summerhouses or even farmland – Madagascar has it all – and our goal is to help you take part in it.

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Property Search

Looking for a specific type of property in Madagascar? We can help you find what you need.

With Property Search, our real estate experts will help you find exactly the property you’re looking for.

Madagascar Invest is with you all the way through the buying process.

We visit, inspect and negotiate, on your behalf to ensure you buy the right property at the right price!

Fast and affordable

Company formation in Madagascar

Want to create a company in Madagascar? You’re in the right place. Creating a company in Madagascar is fast, easy and affordable. We take care of everything for you. You don’t even need to travel. Starting a company in Madagascar can be done remotely.
Click below to get started and we will set up a company for you in Madagascar.

US$ 439

Company Formation includes:

  • A local company headquarter in Madagascar (required by law)
  • A local representative in Madagascar (required by law)
  • Payment of all necessary fees to the Government of Madagascar

Setup time: 1 month maximum

Corporate Bank Account opening is not included but can be added on optionally

Get a residence permit in Madagascar
Madagascar Invest

Get a residence permit in Madagascar

Getting a residence permit (becoming a resident) will allow you to spend as much time as you choose in Madagascar

  • Do you want to live in Madagascar?
  • Do you want access to unrestricted travel?
  • Do you want to spend part of the year in Madagascar, or perhaps settle here permanently?

What you need is a residence permit.

Reliable and affordable

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We have all the features you need about doing business and investing in Madagascar

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The reasons

Why invest

in Madagascar?

Madagascar is an emerging market with enormous potential for growth. The country is currently in the beginning stages of a huge economic upswing due to an investment and business-friendly political climate.

Although Madagascar remains very underdeveloped, the country is experiencing tremendous growth and progress, which will lead to incredible investment returns for investors who believe in the future of Madagascar.


Investment opportunities

What are the biggest investment opportunities in Madagascar?


Madagascar has an undeveloped tourism sector with lots of potential for growth


Vast expanses of cheap and fertile farmland is available in Madagascar


With its immense natural resources, the mining industry in Madagascar remains full of opportunities

Real Estate

Madagascar has a rapidly growing middle class with a need for quality housing

Madagascar Investment:

Who we are

Madagascar Invest is a private consulting company and investment firm based out of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Our team is made up of foreign and local individuals with a passion for investment and business in Madagascar.

Our goal is to further the development of Madagascar by making it easier for foreigners to invest in our beautiful island.

We aim to remove any bureaucratic obstacles that are holding you back. We want to enable you to invest smoothly and profitably in Madagascar.

Meet the team
Madagascar Invest

Meet the team

Our diverse team of experts has knowledge and experience in all areas surrounding business and investment in Madagascar. We have boots on the ground. Unlike many other foreign investment advisors, we’re actually located in Madagascar where we practice what we preach.
Every single day, we’re working for our clients: closing real estate deals, opening up new companies, bank accounts and helping people obtain residency in Madagascar. If you need our help, we encourage you to get in touch now.
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what our clients say

Madagascar Invest helped us make our first recruitments when our company expanded into Madagascar. Thanks to them, we found the right people to work with in a very short time.

Mayur MhaskeDirector, Karhaa Valley Farmers, India

With the help of Madagascar Invest, I set up my first company and applied for a residence permit in Madagascar. The process was smooth and professional. Highly recommended!

Sam E. NiederhausenSelf-Employed, USA

When my husband and I opened our beach hotel in Madagascar, we got absolutely essential help from Madagascar Invest. Our project could not have been realised without their help!

Marta BerkenboschHotel Director, South Africa
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FAQ about investing in Madagascar

Is it safe to invest in Madagascar?

Yes, investing in Madagascar is safe. However, as with all investments, there is a certain amount of risk attached to it.

The risk of investing in certain assets, such as real estate, is higher in Madagascar, compared to most developed markets with a more efficient legal system.

But the added risk of investing in Malagasy real estate is counterbalanced by the comparatively high returns you can make when you invest in Madagascar.

Investing is risky – one should never forget that – but when you use Madagascar Invest as your partner, we make sure the risk is negligible, and the returns are above par.

How do I start a business in Madagascar?

If you have a great business idea, and you want to launch your business in Madagascar, the first thing you need to do is register a company in Madagascar.

Registering a company will allow you to  import and export goods for your business, rent office space or commercial space, open bank accounts, hire employees, pay out salaries, and more.

Starting a business in Madagascar is simple, and the potential for profits are great.

Will I need a bank account to invest in Madagascar?

Having a bank account in Madagascar is not strictly necessary if you want to invest here – but we certainly recommend that you open one.

Of course, should you want to have a bank account, Madagascar Invest can help you open one. Contact us to learn more.

How do I get started investing in Madagascar?

The best way to get started investing in Madagascar is to actually visit the island and scout for potential investment opportunities.

Alternatively, you can also make your investments remotely – you can ask Madagascar Invest for advice about investment opportunities.

The next thing you want to do is set up a company with a corporate bank account. Making your investments through a company is a good strategy.

What are the best investment opportunities in Madagascar?

Madagascar is brimming with investment opportunities of all kinds, but some of the best options include:

  • Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Import/Export
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Online Services
  • Customer Support
  • And much more

Contact Madagascar Invest and learn more about how to get started investing in Madagascar.