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What is madagascar Invest?

We’re a real estate investment company with a mission to make investing in Madagascar accessible and profitable to foreign investors.

We simplify the real estate purchase process in Madagascar by locating the best properties for you, negotiating with sellers, and ensuring that the title is properly transferred to you.

Madagascar Invest makes it swift, secure & transparent to invest
in the big island.

Why Invest in Madagascar?

Vast untapped potential

Madagascar is an extensive island country with a vast untapped potential in many different areas including business, tourism, export, and real estate. Its people are friendly and welcoming towards the prospect of foreign investments.

Rich biodiversity

Madagascar hosts a unique and incredibly diverse ecosystem with thousands of plants and animals that are endemic to the island. This makes Madagascar an attractive place to live, but also a very popular tourist destination.

Undervalued tourist destination

The appeal of Madagascar as a tourist destination is growing, but has currently not even reached a fraction of its future potential, opening up the opportunity for early investments in this field.

Frontier market economy

Madagascar is a frontier market, which means that many basic goods and services which can be found in the developed world are not yet available here. Foreign investors can take advantage of this by filling gaps in the market and making a profit in the process.

How to invest in madagascar

Investing in Madagascar can be roughly broken up into 3 steps.

Step 1: Find a property you wish to invest in.

Step 2: Ensure that the property documents are in order.

Step 3: Pay for the property and transfer the title to you.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Navigating the Malagasy real estate market can often be complicated, cumbersome and ridden with scams.

Fortunately, investing in Madagascar doesn’t have to be difficult.

Madagascar Invest was founded with the purpose of helping people like you make real estate investments on the big island in a secure, swift, and transparent manner.

We people you locate the best investments, negotiate the price, close the sale, and transfer the title to you at no cost.

You can start by browsing the real estate investments that are available right now through our website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can always send us a message, and we will do everything we can to help you find your next investment in Madagascar.

Meet the MG Invest team

Learn more about the unique team of people that make up Madagascar Invest

Thomas Ottosen Jr.

Managing Director

Tsanta Fifaliana

Real Estate Associate

Rado Randriamanga

Client Success Manager

Why work with madagascar invest

Simplified investment process

When you work with Madagascar Invest, making investments in Madagascar becomes simple and straightforward. We take care of all the paperwork, so you can focus on what’s important for you.

Exclusive investment opportunities

Madagascar Invest gives you access to exclusive investments. We carefully source all our properties directly from the owner, and the investments we offer are not listed with any other agency.

Complete transparency

We add transparency to the real estate investment process, and make sure that you always know exactly what’s going to happen, and how long it’s going to take.

Secure transactions

Madagascar Invest acts as the trusted middleman for monetary transactions between you and the seller, ensuring that your funds are always handled safely, and only transferred to the seller once the sales contract has been signed and sealed.

No hidden costs

Madagascar Invest does all this at no cost to the buyer. Our commission comes from the seller, and we make sure you always get the best price on your investment. We give you complete transparency about all costs involved, so you don’t run into any unwanted surprises.

What our clients say

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Who we serve


You are a private individual with an interest in moving to Madagascar for personal or professional reasons, and interested in making smaller or larger property investments in the country.


You have an interest in opening a business in Madagascar, and need help with company creation and property acquisition in order to launch and run your business smoothly in Madagascar.


You are a private or an institutional investor with an interest in making medium to large scale property investments in Madagascar and need help finding the right investment opportunities.

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Questions & Answers about Investing in Madagascar

Find answers to the most common questions about investing in the red island

Why invest in Madagascar?

Madagascar is a frontier economy, offering low barriers to entry and high growth opportunities compared to more developed markets such as Europe or the United States.


This means that investing in Madagascar could offer a huge upside potential for your investment portfolio.


But above all, most people make investments in Madagascar due to the lifestyle and the experiences that the island has to offer.


Madagascar is an extraordinary country, full of opportunities for business, investment and a lifestyle of your choosing.


Partner with Madagascar Invest, and let us help you tailor a plan for your business, your investments, and your life on the big island.

How can Madagascar Invest help me?

Madagascar Invest offers a range of services to help individuals who want to live, work, invest, and do business in Madagascar.


For example, we offer real estate consulting services, and help people who want to safely buy properties in Madagascar.


In addition, we help people create companies, as well as obtain residence permits in Madagascar.

Is it safe to invest in Madagascar?

Madagascar has a high-risk profile when it comes to investing and doing business in the country. This means that would-be investors need to exercise caution before entering the market.


This is where Madagascar Invest comes into the picture.


Our goal is to make it accessible, secure, and profitable to invest in Madagascar.

What type of investments can I make?

Madagascar offers a wide range of investment opportunities in both business and real estate.


In Madagascar, you can purchase lands, houses and apartments on a 99-year leasehold, and develop these in any way you deem fit.


Whether you want to buy a beachfront property and open your own hotel, or settle a big piece of land and set up a farm, Madagascar gives you the opportunity to do so.


The underdeveloped nature of the economy also lends itself well to many types of new business opportunities.


Starting a small or medium sized business in Madagascar is easy, and the investment needed to launch something is often low. Also, there is very little bureaucratic red tape in the way to restrict you in your business endeavors.


As such, Madagascar is a great place to invest or do business, regardless of the budget you hold.

What is the vision of Madagascar Invest?

Our vision is to support the development of Madagascar by making it safe and seamless for international clients to invest in the country.

At the root of our vision is a deep affection and reverence for the country of Madagascar.

We believe that this country which has seen so much poverty and so many challenges through its history has a bright and thriving future ahead of itself.

At Madagascar Invest, we want to support the development of Madagascar by making the country more accessible to foreign investments.

We believe in trade, not aid, and our conviction is that it is the increase in business and economic activity with the outside world which will turn Madagascar into a thriving developing economy.

By making it easier and safer to invest in Madagascar, we hope to foster the development of our country, and make profitable investments for our clients.

Where is MG Invest based?

We are based out of our offices in Antananarivo, Madagascar.


But we also have agents working for us in several major cities throughout the country.

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