Anna Marie Lopes

Real Estate associate

Born and Raised in the UAE, Anna brings a unique perspective and cultural insight to her role. 

With a background in mass communications, she honed her skills as a communications officer at a non-profit organization post-schooling. 

Anna’s journey has cultivated a deep passion for leveraging the power of words and visuals to make a meaningful impact, and she continues to contribute her talents to create positive change in all she does.


facts about Anna

Skills & Experience

  • Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic

educational background

  • Background in mass communication & graphic design
  • Trained in digital marketing
  • Certified mental health first aid provider

fun facts

  • Anna kickstarts her day with a cup of chai – a ritual she can’t do without.
  • Raised in Dubai but originally an Indian, people always have a hard time figuring out where she’s from.
  • Anna is a proud cat mom to two furry companions who diligently “work” by sleeping all day to pay the bills.

Contact Anna Marie

(+261) 34 80 485 15

available from 10:00 – 19:00


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