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How to buy property

in Madagascar

Do you want to buy property in Madagascar? You have come to the right place. This article will give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

After reading this guide, you will know everything there is to know about how to buy property in Madagascar. So let’s get started.

Can foreigners buy property in Madagascar?

Yes. Foreigners are able to legally buy property in Madagascar. There are 3 ways that foreigners can buy property in Madagascar:

Purchase a land on a 99-year lease contract

Set up a Madagascar company and purchase the land through the company

Buy property through a trusted local partner

Each method is 100% legal and available for foreigners.

Let’s go through each ownership method so you can determine what works best for you.

Buying property in Madagascar on a 99-year lease

The 99-year lease is the most common way foreigners buy property in Madagascar.

You can buy any type of property, including houses, apartments, farmland and more. There are no restrictions on the type of property foreigners can purchase on an emphymatic lease

The 99-year lease is a popular option because it makes it fast and easy for foreigners to buy property in Madagascar.

Is the 99-year lease renewable after it expires?

Yes, the 99-year lease can be renewed if you’re lucky enough to live beyond 99 years!
This means that even your children will be able to inherit a property you have purchased on a lease in Madagascar.

Here at Madagascar Invest, we help clients purchase properties in Madagascar and set up the leasehold contract.

If you’re interested in purchasing a property on a 99-year lease, we encourage you to get in touch with us now.

Buying property in Madagascar as a company

Buying property as a company is the alternative option that foreigners can use when acquiring property in Madagascar.

Buying property as a company requires you to set up a company first. The process of setting up a company in itself is both simple, fast and cheap. But it’s still an extra step, and that’s why most buyers often prefer to go with the 99-year lease option.

However, the company purchase route may be better for you if one of the following apply:

  • You want to own multiple properties in Madagascar
  • You want to own properties in conjunction with other people
  • You want to use your properties for business purposes
  • You want to obtain a residence permit in Madagascar

If either of the above-mentioned scenarios apply to you, you may want to consider setting up a Madagascar company and buying a property as a company.

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Buying property through a trusted local partner

If you have a local acquaintance such as a spouse or a trusted friend, you could opt to purchase the property and have this person be the legal owner of the title.

Needless to say, there is a great deal of trust that goes into this type of purchase.

You should only buy property through a local partner if you feel comfortable about it, and if you really trust your partner.

How to buy a property in Madagascar
step by step

Find the property you want to purchase

The first step is to find the property you want to purchase. Madagascar Invest can help you find the best deals in the country. Our real estate agents look far and wide to find the best properties on the market and present them to you.

Step 1
Step 2

Start the negotiation

Once you have found your desired property, it’s time to start the negotiation process. Most properties in Madagascar are priced at a level where there is still room for negotiation. You can expect to get anywhere from a 10-30% discount when negotiating. Madagascar Invest offers to negotiate on your behalf, and we’re motivated to get you the best possible deal.

Close the deal

Once you have negotiated the price to a satisfactory level, it’s time to close the deal. Good deals come and go fast, so if you found your ideal property at a desirable price, it’s important that you act fast to sign a bill of sale. As with everything else, Madagascar Invest will ensure that this process goes smoothly. In addition, we will have all land papers scrutinized and certified by our legal experts before you sign the bill of sale with the seller.

Step 3
Step 4

Pay the seller

In Madagascar, it is customary that the seller is paid when the deal is closed and the papers signed. When this is done, you will immediately have the right of use over the property. You become the de facto owner. The property will still have to be titled in your name, and this could take months to complete. But in the meantime, you retain full ownership over the property. At Madagascar Invest, we ensure that the land registration process goes smoothly. Our job is not over before the title is registered to your name.

After completing these 4 steps, the property is yours

Madagascar Invest takes care of the entire process for you, from property search to title registration. We make sure everything runs smoothly. Contact us now to get started.

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Good to know when buying property in Madagascar

Buying property in Madagascar is mostly likely very different than where you’re from. So here are a couple of things that are good to know when buying a piece of Madagascar.

Cash is King

Most property transactions in Madagascar are done in cash, meaning there is no bank financing involved.

While it is possible to get bank financing for a property in Madagascar, the interest rates are generally too high to make it worth considering

Therefore, most buyers often opt to keep the bank out of the equation when buying a home in Madagascar.

Negotiation is necessary

Negotiation when buying a property in Madagascar is not only possible, it’s often a necessity.

Due to the lack of an organised real estate market, many local sellers simply have no idea what their property is worth, and often end up overpricing the property.

To make sure you buy the property at a fair price, you should always negotiate, and Madagascar Invest will take care of this for you.

Thanks to our network of real estate experts, We have strong knowledge of the correct market rates for properties across the country

On the other hand, you also get sellers who underprice their properties, and this is one of the reasons why you can often find great property deals in Madagascar.

Taxes and fees when buying a property in Madagascar

Taxes and fees on property purchases in Madagascar vary according to the type and the size of a property. A large plot of undeveloped land in the countryside will have different fees compared to a villa located in the capital of Antananarivo.

Here is an example of the taxes and fees you can expect to pay when you buy property in Madagascar:

Stamp Duty 1% of purchase price
Notaire fees 2% of purchase price
Land surveyor fees 1% of purchase price
Agency fees €1 per m2
Total in fees and taxes 6% of purchase price

The above mentioned fees are used for illustration purposes only. The fees may differ according to the type of property you wish to purchase.

For example, the land surveyor fees can be omitted if you’re being a property that is already outlined. The land surveyor fees are only applicable if you’re subdividing an existing plot of land.

  • The notaire fees are optional (but highly recommended).
  • The stamp duty and the agency fees are fixed, no matter what type of property you’re buying.

So as you can see, the taxes and fees related to property purchase in Madagascar are much more affordable than in other countries, where you can easily end up paying 10-20% extra on top of the purchase price.

Is it necessary to use a notaire when buying a property?

Is it necessary to use a notaire when buying a property?

Although it is possible to purchase a property in Madagascar without the use of a notaire, we highly recommend using one, as this makes the process much safer for you, the buyer.

The purpose of the notaire is to validate that all papers are in order, and that the seller is actually the rightful owner of the property.

By using a notaire when buying a property, you avoid falling victim to property scams.

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Is it safe to buy property in Madagascar?

Yes. Buying property in Madagascar is totally safe.

If you have ever looked into buying property in an emerging market such as Madagascar, you may have come across horror stories about people who thought they were investing in a legitimate property, but ended up losing their entire investment due to being scammed by either the seller or the middleman who they believed to be helping them.

Such investment scams that prey on foreigners are prevalent in Madagascar, as well as across the entire developing world. The good news is that this type of scam is totally avoidable if you go through the proper channels.

Here at Madagascar Invest, we work with the leading legal experts in the country who ensure that the property you want to purchase is titled and bornè.

When we help you find a property, we get all the property papers evaluated and legally certified by a Notary, and make sure the property map is approved by a government certified land surveyor.

This process makes it absolutely safe for you to buy property in Madagascar.

Is buying property in Madagascar a good investment?

Here at Madagascar Invest, we believe buying property in Madagascar is a very good investment.

In fact, we’ve made it our mission to tell everyone about the great investment opportunities that Madagascar has to offer; and buying property is certainly one of the best investments you can make in Madagascar.

What makes it a good investment to buy property in Madagascar?

The rental market is booming

The rental market in Madagascar is growing at an unprecedented rate, especially in the capital of Antananarivo.

There are far more people who rent a house than there are houses available on the rental market, and this means rental yield on properties in Madagascar is high.

Very low carrying costs

Properties in Madagascar don’t have the same expensive overhead as properties in the western world.

There’s zero property tax, no taxation on rental income, no capital gains tax and no mandatory insurance policies.

Basically, you’re not getting taxed every time you turn your head like you would in many developed countries, which means you get to keep more of your own money.
There are far more people who rent a house than there are houses available on the rental market, and this means rental yield on properties in Madagascar is high.

The value of your property could increase dramatically

Madagascar is an emerging economy with a growing middle class. The demand for quality housing is going up, and it will grow exponentially over the next 10-20 years as the country continues to develop.

As the number of people who can afford to buy a house increased, so too will the value of your property.

What is the best place in Madagascar to buy property?

That depends a lot on your motives behind buying a property. Are you buying a Madagascar property for lifestyle purposes, investment purposes or some other reason?

No matter where you want to buy, we will help you find your dream property in Madagascar.

For purposes of real estate investment, we often divide Madagascar into 4 different zones that each offer their own own unique benefits and drawbacks

  • The capital region
  • The province
  • The countryside
  • The coast

The capital region

The capital region of Madagascar

For investment purposes, the capital region of Antananarivo is probably going to present you with the best return on investment.

Antananarivo is the economic and political center of Madagascar. Things move fast here, and the city is expanding at a rapid pace. The middle class and the upper classes are growing, and there is an increased demand for housing in many areas of the city.

If you want to buy a property in Madagascar for investment purposes, then the capital region is most likely going to give you the best return on investment.

But you can also buy a property in Antananarivo for lifestyle reasons: the city offers many of the modern amenities you would expect to find in cities across the developed world.

Antananarivo has malls, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, cafès, museums, large open-air markets, an international airport and highly esteemed international schools.

Being a very bustling city with lots of traffic, pedestrians and noise, Antananarivo is certainly not for everyone. But if you buy a property in the right area, living in the capital region of Madagascar can be quite enjoyable.

Contact Madagascar Invest to learn about the most desirable areas to live in Tana, and let us help you find your dream property.

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The province

If the capital is too big or too busy for you, the provinces of Madagascar may provide a slower and more laid back standard of living.

When it comes to the provincial towns of Madagascar, these are developing too, albeit at a slower pace. Provincial towns present a good investment opportunity, but the ROI likely won’t be as big or as fast compared to investment properties in Antananarivo.

What provincial towns lack in investment value, they make up for in terms of lifestyle benefits.

Buying property in the provincial towns of Madagascar offers a more relaxing lifestyle with access to nature, less traffic and less pollution compared to the big city.

Some of the most popular provincial towns in Madagascar include Tamatave, Mahajanga, Antsirabe and Tulear.

Each of these towns offer special and unique investment opportunities and lifestyle benefits.

Province of Madagascar

Buying property in Mahajanga

Buying property in Mahajanga

Located in the northwestern part of the country, Mahajanga has some of the hottest weather on the island. This bustling city that is filled with motorized tuk tuks, has one of the biggest commercial seaports in the country and has large open-air markets where fresh fruit and seafood can be purchased at a bargain.

Buying a property in Mahajanga is perfect for those who enjoy a laid back beach atmosphere, beautiful colonial architecture, and cozy restaurants with food inspired by the city’s large Indian community.

Buying a property in Tamatave

Located on the east coast of the island, Tamatave (also known as Toamasina) is Madagascar’s biggest seaport.

This part of the country gets more wind and rain compared to the hotter and drier northern parts but as a result, this area is also much more lush and green, while still having some of the most beautiful sandy beaches you can dream of.

There are some great property deals available in the Tamatave area, so if you’re interested in buying a property in this area of Madagascar, we encourage you to contact us to hear about your options.

Buying a property in Tamatave

Buy a property in Antsirabe

Buy a property in Antsirabe

Antsirabe is a bustling city of trade located about 170 kilometers south of the capital.

Founded as a thermal station by Norwegian missionaries in the late 1800’s, the city of Antsirabe stretches out over a wide area, but with more than 4000 rickshaws operating in the city, getting around Antsirabe is both fast and cheap.

Antsirabe is also the center of Madagascar’s precious metals trade, and interested stone collectors and connoisseurs will find rare and beautiful stones up for sale around the city.

We would love to guide you in your journey to buying a provincial property in Madagascar.

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The coast

Buying a property on the coast is what a lot of people equate to buying a little piece of paradise.

Fortunately, Madagascar offers an extensive coastline of more than 4,800 kilometers so finding a beachfront property in Madagascar won’t be a problem at all.

The biggest challenge is deciding on which part of the coast you want to buy a property.

Do you want to be close to a bigger city? Do you want to be on the beautiful east coast with breathtaking views of the Indian ocean and have the humpback whales as your cloest neighbors?

Or the north coast with it’s hot and humid climate, where fresh and exotic fruit grows in your backyard? Or on the calm western coastline, dotted by small fishing villages where you can buy fresh fish right off the boat?

The coast of Madagascar is as diverse as it is long. We will help you locate and buy the perfect property, so you can get your own little slice of paradise.

The coast of Madagascar

The countryside

The countryside in Madagascar

The Madagascar countryside offers an incredible diversity of landscapes. From the vast open plains of the west, to the forests and jungles in the east and the mountains in the north, there are so many incredible places where one could buy a property in Madagascar.

Buying a property in the Malagasy countryside may not be the greatest financial investment you can make (countryside properties generally don’t appreciate much in value).

But as a lifestyle investment, buying a property on the country could be one of the best choices you make in life.

If you dream of having a cottage in the country, an exotic fruit plantation or a secret summer getaway, then the Malagasy countryside offers the perfect opportunity for you to build your dream.

So if you want to purchase cheap property with a high lifestyle, then buying a property in the Malagasy countryside may be just what you need!

Finding properties for sale in Madagascar

The Madagascar property market is very different compared to those of more developed countries such as the UK, US or Germany.

In Madagascar, most properties for sale are advertised on a local level, usually by hanging a sales listing at the local commune/town hall.

There aren’t any major real estate agents that properly aggregate real estate listings, and as such, getting a full scope of the entire Malagasy real estate market is nearly impossible.

If a buyer wants to purchase a property, one thing he can do is to decide which area he wants to purchase in, and then start asking the local population and consulting the sales listings.

Needless to say, this can be a very time-consuming process. And as a foreigner, trying to strike your own deals can also end up being very costly.

When foreigners start asking around for properties, suddenly everything is for sale at a 10x premium.

Therefore, it is always advisable to employ the help us a local search for properties and to handle all negotiations on your behalf.

When looking to buy property in Madagascar: use Property Search

Property Search is a service that we offer here at Madagascar Invest.

When you use properry search, we look for properties that correspond to your needs and desires.

You give us all the details of your desired property, and we find it for you.

If your dream property exists, we’ll find it!

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Finding a great property with Property Search

When you initiate a property search, our agents hit the pavement and start looking for your ideal property.

Usually, we’ll be able to find 3-5 properties matching your criteria within a week.

We have a network of contacts all over the island that allows us to source the best deals that are hard or impossible for foreigners to find.

You've found an ideal property. What happens next?

After finding a property that catches your interest, we run the land title by our in-house notaire who verifies that all papers are legitimate.

Once our legal team has verified the legitimacy of the papers, the negotiation process can begin.

At Madagascar Invest, we take care of the entire negotiation process for you.

Our real estate team has an in-depth knowledge of the pricing levels all.over the island.

We make sure to negotiate a deal that is at or below market value.

We're committed to getting you the best possible price

Unlike real estate agents who get paid a larger commission if they sell a property at a higher price, we always try to get you the lowest possible price.

We work on a fixed fee system, and you only pay us if you buy the property – so we’ll work as hard as we can to ensure you get the best possible price and make the purchase!

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Madagascar Invest is a private consulting company and investment firm focusing entirely on business and investment opportunities in Madagascar.

Our team is comprised of both local and foreign Real estate experts, legal advisors, business consultants

Due to our broad range of expertise, we are able to offer you a holistic approach to your investment and business journey in Madagascar.

We will give you all the information and guidance you need to make successful investments on the great island.

Madagascar Invest

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